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Plug & Planzer Parcel for WooCommerce, Shopify and Shopware 6


«Plug & Planzer Paket» automatically franks your incoming orders in your shop thanks to the connection to the Planzer portal. Besides that, it directly generates a delivery slip or a label. Save time and focus on growing your store!

Advantages at a glance

  • Easy installation
    The plugin can be easily installed and filled with your data. Once the plugin is activated and in live mode, Planzer will pick up the packages from you.
  • More time for the important things
    With our plugin, you no longer have to manually enter orders in the Planzer portal. This saves you time and allows you to take care of your daily business.
  • Lower error rate
    Since the orders are automatically transferred according to the input of your customers, (including shipping and billing addresses) the error rate will automatically decrease.
  • QR code with personalized delivery note
    On request, a personalized delivery slip is generated instead of the simple label with QR code.

Already a Planzer customer?

To use this plugin you must be a Planzer customer. By signing a contract with Planzer you will receive the necessary information you need to start using the plugin.
Become a Planzer customer now

Tip: You will find the following information in your Planzer contract or by asking your account manager:

  • Department number
  • Customer number
  • Your responsible branch
  • Account ID (tab connection to Planzer)

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Your orders are not transmitted to the Planzer Portal correctly, you have a question about the plugin or a suggestion for a feature?
We are happy to help!

Please contact the Planzer support!

Feature request

If you have a feature request, please contact the Planzer support.