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Bexio Shopware Integration - The documentation


This Shopware 6 app connects your Shopware 6 shop with Bexio. As of now, we support creating Bexio invoices based on new orders in your shop as well as syncing customer data from your shop to Bexio with each order.


To install the app, please visit the Shopware Store and add the app to your shop. You can find the plugin here. Once installed, make sure to activate the App in your Shopware backend.


Please check out our guide to configure the app correctly.

Order to invoice sync

With every new order, we check if the payment method is configured to create a new invoice in Bexio. If yes, we create a new invoice in Bexio with the order data. (See configuration for details).

Invoice status

The invoice status in Bexio is updated based on the order status in Shopware.


The invoice status is set to "pending" by default when a new order is created.

Once the payment status of an order in Shopware is set to "paid", we change the invoice status in Bexio to "paid" as well.


If an order is cancelled in Shopware, the corresponding invoice in Bexio is also cancelled.

(Please note that as of now we don't sync the invoice status from Bexio back to Shopware.)

Contact sync and duplicate check

With every order, we sync the customer data to Bexio. If the customer is a company, we create a new company contact in bexio as well as a new contact person and connect them.

Duplicate check

We do a simple duplicate check. For companies, we check if the company name with the same city already exists in Bexio. For private customers, we check if the first name, last name and email address already exists in Bexio. If they already exist, we update them. If they don't exist, we create them during the invoice creation.


We log the most important events in the Shopware logs. You can find them in the Shopware backend under "Settings" -> "System" -> "Event logs". Please check them if you encounter any issues.


Why is the invoice for order X missing in Bexio?

A few things to check:

  • Plugin is installed and activated.
  • The API keys are correct.
  • In the configuration, the module "Orders" is enabled.
  • The taxes used in the line items of an order have a correct Bexio tax id.
  • The payment method used in the order has the checkbox "Bexio: create invoice" enabled and valid Bexio payment type is selected.

Request a feature or report a bug

Please open a support ticket with your account at and provide as much details as possible. We will get back to you as soon as possible.